девон рекс

Devon Rex in Dreamcatcher cattery

Welcome to the website of the Devon Rex cattery. Dreamcatcher cattery is registered in the international organization WCF.

девон рекс

Extreme devon rex

In our cattery we strive to get the most extreme type of cats. Differences of this type are expressed in the changed shape of the head, as well as the setting and shape of the ears.

девон рекс

Devon Rex - differences from other breeds.

Big eyes, short muzzle, protruding cheekbones and huge low-set ears. The coat is fine, wavy, very short and soft. Does not cause allergies.

девон рекс

Pedigree features of the Devon Rex

Cats of medium size, weight 3 - 4 kg. The character can be described as affectionate and restrained, they note the similarity of their behavior with that of a dog - they are just as philanthropic and quick-witted.

девон рекс

Care for Devon Rex.

Cats of this breed are quite clean. Most often, the care of Devon Rex is reduced only to cleaning the ears as they become dirty. The care of Devon Rex claws is also minimal.

девон рекс

Feeding the cat.

A good appetite of cats warms the heart of the owners. As in the case of care - everything is simple and rational. Cats are meat eaters, so animal fats and proteins are the basis of the daily diet.

The spontaneity of a small kitty does not like an almost adult cat-men

A young Devon Rex cat at the age of 4.5 months

Funny kittens play - cats Devon Rex fighting without rules.

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